Mutual Understanding

The mutual understanding of an idea is the singular experience I had with Mirjam and René.
It all starts there.
A sketch model followed with regular intervals in communication during the process.
Finally, I was blown away by the result- a completely unique piece that told the equally original story.

Never-ending source of joy

A dream and a milestone sealed into more than just a beautiful jewel. Thinking back to that moment: I’m standing there with a photo in my hands. This is what I wanted.
I’m so relieved that it isn’t what I got!

Mirjam and René took me on a journey with their inspiration, warmth and craftsmanship. What was the story? Who are you? How do we interpret that into a piece of jewelry?
I wear it every day. It is a daily reminder of the quirky, life giving sparkle it became. A never-ending source of joy.

Wedding rings

Wedding rings with a very special story. We really wanted to symbolise our love and our past in a unique way. We asked Mirjam and René to melt down our grandparent’s wedding rings and use the premier love stone, sugulite gemstone, in both of the rings. The result surpassed all of our expectations and showcases the Art Deco style so beautifully in our special rings. Thank you Mirjam and René

Re-interpreting stagnant family jewelry

I have had the extraordinary privilege of experiencing creative synergy and enjoying the spectacular procucts by the Casjeh team for many years. Mirjam Jakubowski and René Vlasblom challenge each other and their clients to go beyond the expected and dream of truly original classically and contemporary inspired jewelry.
Given permission, one is taken to the most surprising and original designs ever created. Furthermore, they rise to the challenge of re-interpreting stagnant family jewelry into modern pieces with much respect for and beautifully showcasing the precious memories attached to them.
It is a great pleasure to wear these wearable pieces of jewelry again and again.

Lasting memory

After my mother passed away, I wanted to have a lasting memory made of the jewelry she left behind. I had had Mirjam and René ’s card next to my bed for some time and now it was time to go to them.
They take their time to get to know you. I was struck by the feeling of trust and recognition of me and my wish to create a lasting memory of my parents, that I met with them.

In a short span of time, we developed a special connection. This is why Mirjam and René were able to interpret my wishes into a beautiful design.
I now have a beautiful tribute to my parents that I wear every day.